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The company Rail Tech Papla Sp.z.o.o, mainly deals with the introduction of innovative solutions for the railway market in Poland and abroad.

Below you will find basic information about our products.


Weighwell Engineering Ltd has over 25 years’ experience supplying specialist train weighing systems and has been trusted and respected worldwide for its engineering skill, expertise and innovation.

Whitmore industrie

Rail Tech Papla is Whitmore’s exclusive representative on the rail market in Poland, but we are happy to help you reach the right distributors and technical data.

Staytite Hardlock

Hard Lock Nuts Secure Fastening Solutions.

Hasler Rail AG

Hasler Rail AG specializes in data recording systems in rail vehicles, called tachographs.

Metra Blansko a.s.

The Department of Electrical, measuring and control equipment Metra Blansko A.S. with its rich history and contribution to the development of this field of technology has very high quotations not only Europe, but also around the world.


Precision measuring devices MiniProf BT, which can be used to measure the profiles of wheels, rails and brakes.