Area of use

The MiniProf BT system is an excellent full contact measurement system with Bluetooth connection for fast, reliable
and extremely high quality profile measurements. Combined with a user-friendly and flexible software package which
can easily be configured from basic use to in-depth post measurement analysis, MiniProf BT can be used for numerous
purposes on all types of wheel, rail and brake profiles. It enables the user to make critical decisions in purchase,
maintenance, quality and safety departments etc. and represents a great platform for research and development all
over the world.

Measuring principles

MiniProf BT is based on secure full-contact measurements and has a knife-shaped full contact point directly to the
surface of a given profile. The magnetic full contact point minimizes influences from oil, lubrication, dirt and other
substances on the profile as it “cuts” through the layers. It ensures constant contact to the actual profile during the
complete measuring process and minimizes operator influence.
The accuracy of a MiniProf BT system is very consistent due to the unique measuring principle with a small magnetic
measuring wheel and two rotating optical high resolution encoders which ensure that the measurement is performed
perpendicular to the surface of the entire profile.
Due to the unique combination of full contact measurements, consistency and outstanding high-resolution optical
encoders, MiniProf BT provides the highest accuracy available on the world market today. 20-30.000 collected individual
points in one single profile measurement generate outstanding raw material resulting in excellent profile measurements
with extremely high accuracies.

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Full contact vs. non-contact

A full contact measuring system measures the exact profile. Concerns about dirt, oil and greasy surfaces are minimized thanks to the MiniProf BT full contact point which cuts through unwanted layers on the profile. A non-contact measuring system is not in full contact with the actual profile and therefore provides pictures of a given surface including unremoved dirt, oil etc.
Full contact measuring systems are not influenced by reflecting light on the profile surface or by shiny profile surfaces like a newly turned wheel etc. Non-contact devices may show inconsistency when used on reflecting surfaces, in bright sunlight, frost, fog and moist climates etc. due to the sensibility of the non-contact data collecting method.

The most accurate & reliable decision data available on the market:

• Full contact reliability – always measure the true profile
• The knife shaped measuring wheel cuts through surface contaminants
• Decision data will never be corrupted by any reflection from the surface
• Constant contact to the profile secured by a strong magnetic measuring wheel
• Measurements supported by human tactile sensing synergy and real-time visualizing
• Small, fast and easy to use even with only very limited measuring space available

Complete & strong software toolbox – Turn reliable data into reliable insights:

• Use within predictive maintenance, grinding, safety, research, quality control etc.
• Reduce wear and costs and prolong the lifetime of assets
• Optimize the planning of maintenance work
• Prevent unexpected asset downtime
• Monitor and evaluate manufacturing quality and maintenance activities
• Optimize safety, increase travelling comfort and reduce noise